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Build up your practice and confidence with our yoga basics refresher workshops

A series of four 90-minute workshops in a small group

WEDNESDAYS OCTOBER 5, 12, 19, 26, 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM

At 55 Woodlawn Avenue, Mississauga L5G 3K7

For those with limited yoga experience or coming back after a break and needing a refresher,  a series of four weekly 90-minute workshops to explore basic yoga poses and sequences. Each week will focus on a different selection of poses, providing guidance on proper alignment as well as options for those whose bodies don’t always want to cooperate.
Class sizes are kept small to allow for individual attention.
Examples of poses/sequences covered: (subject to change depending on participant needs)
Week 1: Easy Pose, Thunderbolt, Mountain, Forward Fold, Table, Child, Downward/Upward Dog, Plank, Cobra, Savasana
Week 2: Sun Salutation A, Chaturanga, High/Low Lunges, Warrior I and II, Extended Side Angle, Triangle
Week 3: Sun Salutation B, Chair, Chair Twists, Wide Legged & Seated Forward Folds, Lunge Twists, Goddess, Boat, Half Lord of the Fishes, Pigeon
Week 4: Tree, Eagle, Half Moon, Warrior III, Dancer, Camel, Bow, Bridge

Cost: $110 for all four sessions. HST is included.

Yoga teacher giving guidance on a pose

Read what people said about the Yoga Basics Refresher series

“I would highly recommend the 4-week Yoga Basics workshop to anyone who’s either starting a Yoga practice or getting back into it after a break.  The class sizes were small and it provided what felt like 1:1 instruction.  Ginty took the time to work with each of the class members to review each position and ensure proper form, in addition to providing alternate moves that allowed for all skill levels.  I also liked that reference materials were provided afterwards for home practice.  Yoga Seven is a warm and inviting environment and Ginty made everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”

“Loved the 4 week yoga basics workshop with Ginty!  The small group setting was perfect for exploring and practicing many different poses.  It was great to get individual attention, make adjustments, ask questions, and practice together in a supportive and fun environment!”

“I really enjoyed the Yoga Basics workshop. Ginty’s cheerful & instructive intro to the yoga poses was appreciated. As a novice, I found her suggestions of alternatives to a pose or how to use our yoga blocks to help us achieve the pose was very valuable. The workshop has helped me feel more comfortable in joining a regular class session. Most of all I appreciated Ginty’s enthusiasm & encouragement.”  

“After leaving yoga behind for several years, I decided, at well over 65, it was time to re-visit it.  I was delighted Yoga Seven’s Yoga Basics workshop. In each session, we reviewed at least 12 different yoga postures.  The small group was perfect… an informal and friendly atmosphere that allowed each of us to ask questions and for clarification of some movements.  Ginty was patient, encouraging and understanding of any of us nursing some sensitive areas of our body, and I gained sufficient confidence to try a number of yoga classes and identify my favourites. Ginty went above and beyond by providing handouts of each week’s poses. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is contemplating yoga or to those who have been practising but would like to confirm correct posture, movements, breathing, etc.“

“The workshops are very, very, very helpfu!”

Yoga Basics moved me from ‘comfortable to confident’!  I took the workshop several months after starting my yoga practice, and am glad I did.  Through Ginty’s workshop I’m better able to think and feel through each position, self-check and correct.  The small class size and personal instruction is so worth the time and investment.”

“I found this course to be exactly what I was looking for, focused on proper form and alignment and how best to accommodate the poses to my body.  I feel more confident now to tackle a yoga practice.”

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Yoga Seven is at 55 Woodlawn Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario L5G 3K7
“The best yoga studio I have ever been a part of! The owners and instructors care so much and you can see it in their classes and communication. It has been amazing how judgement-free the environment is.”
Excellent instructors, a warm and welcoming facility.”

“The teachers are experts and know how to cue for every level of experience.”

“The space is peaceful, bright, and immaculately clean. A variety of classes and interesting, high quality instructors.”

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