Yoga Seven


My journey with Yoga Seven started as a gift. A gift to unwind.  To be lost.  And to change. Years later, it remains the gift that keeps on giving. The Yoga Seven studio experience was so well crafted:  a wide variety of inspirational and experienced teachers.  Whimsical, immaculate facilities.  Transformational music.  And a warm and welcoming community. The benefits continue with the new virtual studio experience:  I am stronger, lighter hearted and more resilient – physically and mentally.  I can ground myself with Hatha or Yin.  Exert myself with Slow Flow.  Or save myself with Restorative.  Through good times and dark times, I am better for time on my mat guided to sweet spots by insightful instructions, cheered on to explore the edges of my physicality or simply invited to sit, breathe and see how still I can be.  My evolution continues with Yoga Seven as a steady companion through these extraordinary times.  Grateful and present.

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