Yoga Seven


I wanted to join a yoga studio, not a gym that offers yoga classes, because the practice and ethos is very different. I’m glad I did. Because Yoga Seven has amazing instructors, great communication, and a sense of community. The first studio was really stunning and the staff were very friendly. I had never done hot yoga before so that was pretty novel. The new studio was very intimate and cozy. All the teachers have been great. My greatest discovery was Ralph – a non-typical yoga teacher who made me feel very safe and accepted. I love his wisdom and messages and have taken some with me every day. The best, though, is that he sings to us at the end of the class. The virtual classes are very flexible and the Zoom process is very seamless. It’s really easy to join a class and in the comfort of my own home, which means these days, I do more yoga! I love that there are such a variety of classes and so many different time slots to choose from (I work full time). I also love that there are a number of different teachers with various levels of challenge.

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