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Discover the benefits of yoga this summer

With two one-hour private yoga classes and 30 days of unlimited in-person or live-streamed classes

At Yoga Seven, 55 Woodlawn Avenue, Mississauga L5G 3K7

Have you always been meaning to try yoga but lacked the confidence join a class in case you didn’t know what to do or you weren’t as “good” as everyone else?
You’ve got this.
Take a private class (or semi-private if you and a friend both sign up!) to learn some basics and gain the confidence to join in a regular class. Start a 30-day trial of unlimited in-person or live-streamed yoga classes where you’ll be supported in your journey. Take a second private class to ask questions and review anything you’re experiencing in class that you want to know more about.
Discover the joy, support, and lack of judgment in the Yoga Seven community. Discover your inner warrior. Discover peace.
Package available for purchase during July and August, 2022 for just $129 including taxes – a saving of more than $100 over the regular price.
PLEASE NOTE: Trial must have ended and private classes must have taken place by September 30, 2022.
Yoga teacher giving guidance on a pose

What our yogis say...

“Yoga Seven is a warm and inviting environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.”

“A supportive and fun environment!”

“I feel more confident now to tackle a yoga practice.”

“I appreciated the teacher’s enthusiasm & encouragement.”  

“I gained sufficient confidence to try a number of yoga classes and identify my favourites.”

“The best yoga studio I have ever been a part of! The instructors care so much and you can see it in their classes and communication. It has been amazing how judgement-free the environment is.”

“The teachers are experts and know how to cue for every level of experience.” 

An in-person class at Yoga Seven

Yoga Seven
For peace of mind, a healthy body, and sanity in a hectic world.

Create new habits, meet new people, and bring more peace and joy to your days.

Yoga Seven is at 55 Woodlawn Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario L5G 3K7

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