Yoga Seven offers hot classes in a beautiful space with bright windows, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, and therapeutic radiant heating.  Prepare to get sweaty!

Typically set to approximately 38 degrees and 25-30% humidity, our hot yoga space is specially designed to provide you with an incredible hot yoga experience.  

We offer a large variety of class types in our heated space, all designed to strengthen, stretch and detoxify the body.  Students love the challenge, and say the calming, de-stressing nature of hot yoga is what keeps them coming back.  

If you’re very tight and inflexible, hot yoga might be the perfect way to help you open up and release tension.  It’s the perfect complement to running, cycling, weight training, and desk sitting.

To practice hot yoga we recommend you be (joanne insert your policy here – some studios say puberty, some say 16 with consent or 18+)

Have questions?  Contact our Yoga Advisors  (INSERT hyperlink to /yogaadvisors) with all your hot yoga inquiries. They’ll get you on track right away.