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Private yoga classes

Yoga Seven's private yoga classes help you silence the mental chatter and deepen your practice.

We know that group yoga classes aren’t the right option for everyone. Sometimes, private yoga classes are more suitable for people to come, bend, stretch, breathe, or just be. Private yoga classes are a way to invest in your own wellbeing. Whether you want to learn the basics of yoga, you have an injury, or you want to practise yoga on your schedule — our instructors will ensure you get the most out of your practice with private yoga classes from Yoga Seven. Take the first step towards deepening your practice by contacting us today.

Private yoga classes

Private classes give you 1-on-1 time with a yoga instructor at a day and hour that works for you, either in the studio or even in your own home. Classes are tailored to your unique needs or areas you want to focus on. Maybe you want to manage your stress, or gain confidence in a safe and comfortable space. A private class will give you the freedom to relax.

As much as yoga is a personal journey, sometimes you can feel competitive or self-conscious in group yoga classes. A private session can help you focus on your personal growth and tap into your inner source of energy without distractions.

You’ll be able to achieve your goals more quickly with private yoga sessions. Your teacher can help you master the proper alignment of your foundational asanas, work with you to control your breath, and teach you about Drishti and Mudras. You will always be welcome to communicate openly with your yoga teacher during private lessons. Therefore you’ll be able to ask questions freely in a way you might not be comfortable with in a group class setting.

If a busy schedule is getting in the way of your health and wellbeing, a private yoga class will work within your schedule. It can also help you to develop a custom home practice so you can gain the confidence to step onto your yoga mat more often.

Semi-private yoga lessons and events


If you want to practice with a partner or friend(s), semi-private yoga lessons can be arranged for small groups. Having a fitness buddy might make you feel more comfortable and it will ensure you keep each other accountable for your progress and fitness goals.


We can also come to you, virtually or in person, for bridal showers, bachelorette or birthday parties, family reunions, or any special occasion with a wellness, fitness, or meditation component. This is a unique way to share the joy of yoga with friends and family. We always strive to bring a sense of play, wonder, and fun to these experiences. We believe that every yoga class should be a chance to discover exactly what the body and soul needs.

Private session yoga styles

At Yoga Seven, each teacher has a different background and different training, and will bring their own unique personality and experience to their classes. We believe this is important so each person can find a teacher that connects with them and allows them to get the most out of their bodies and minds.

If you’ve attended yoga classes in the past, you might already have a preference for a certain style of yoga. You can talk to us about what type of yoga you would like to focus on in your private yoga classes and we can pair you with the right yoga instructor or suggest a style based on your needs.

The following is an overview of the more popular yoga styles we focus on at our studio.

  • Hatha yoga: An alignment-based style that focuses on breathwork and the mind-body connection. It usually involves longer holds (3 to 5 breaths) with just a few flows. Sequences may centre on a theme or specific area of the body, or may lead up to a peak pose.
  • Vinyasa flow yoga: A flowing, dynamic form of yoga that focuses on breathing, alignment, and strength building. Postures are linked together using the Ujjayi breath technique. 
  • Yin yoga: A style of yoga that involves holding postures for 3 to 5 minutes to achieve deep release. Yin enhances the natural range of motion in the joints and connective tissues, complementing the more active Yang lifestyles we tend to lead. Most people feel centred, calm and relaxed after practising Yin yoga.
  • Restorative yoga: A calming style of yoga meant to soothe the nervous system and release built-up tension. Sequences typically incorporate yoga props like blankets and bolsters. Longer holds nourish the body throughout this practice.

Our private yoga lessons may also have an element of meditation or yoga nidra (guided meditation). If you want to learn more about meditation techniques, we can incorporate that into your yoga practice.

A teacher helping a yoga student with a pose

Can I really benefit from private yoga classes?

Here’s what one client said about her private classes with owner Ginty Burns:

“It’s been about 3 months since I first contacted you about private yoga lessons due to my medical issues which no longer allow me to do a regular yoga practice.

I am so happy that I did.

Your knowledge, kindness, caring, flexibility and patience in putting together a new yoga routine specifically designed to work around my limitations has been a Godsend. I have truly enjoyed our yoga sessions. They have definitely been worth the cost. Now I am able to continue practicing without worrying about aggravating my condition. I don’t think that I can ever thank you enough for helping me.”

Signing up for private yoga classes

Whether you are a new student or an advanced practitioner, we welcome you to try a private class. We offer private yoga classes in person or online according to your wishes. If you have questions or are ready to get started practicing yoga with a personalized yoga class, get in touch with us today so we can find out your needs and design the right program for you.

Commit yourself to the yoga journey and begin to see the lasting impact it can have. We can’t wait to help guide you to wellness and self care with private yoga classes from Yoga Seven.

On-demand video 


If you are not ready for private yoga classes but still want to experience yoga on your schedule, then consider signing up for our Prana Warriors Virtual Membership. As well as being able to attend any live-streamed class on the schedule, you’ll gain access to our growing video library which contains a mix of recorded 1-hour classes and pre-recorded focused content (15-, 20-, 30-, and 60-minute sessions) such as lunchtime stretches, evening wind-down, morning movement, hips and shoulders, HIIT sessions, mat Pilates sessions, guided meditations and more.

Take a class wherever you are, whenever you want.