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Prana Warriors – a community to help you discover your inner warrior

Yoga, mat Pilates, meditation, and fitness any time, any place

Since 2014, Yoga Seven has provided a welcoming and inclusive environment focused on wellness where you can move your body, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your spirit. It’s a place to belong, where you are welcome just as you are, to bend, stretch, breathe, or just be.



We invite you to be part of a vibrant community we call the Prana Warriors – one that supports and inspires you to bring balance, positivity, health, and happiness into your life.

Our monthly Prana Warriors memberships are focused on strength, positivity, inclusiveness, playfulness, courage, and joy. You’ll have the opportunity to

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Get unlimited access to our in-person or live-streamed yoga,meditation, mat Pilates, and fitness classes, as well as to our on-demand video library. With your Prana Warriors membership, you’ll also have access to participate in themed challenges, social events, and more!

No matter how often you visit, you’ll experience moments of peace, acceptance, introspection, and gratitude. You’ll also be rewarded with many of the tools necessary to navigate life in a richer, more empowered way.
At Yoga Seven, we’re excited to invite you to become a Prana Warrior with a monthly membership focused on strength, positivity, inclusiveness, grace, playfulness, joy, courage, and confidence. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others, grow your practice, and support and inspire each other to reach your goals.

Addressing the whole person: body, mind, and spirit

Yoga Seven started with yoga, and it’s still a major part of our focus. When people think of yoga, the first things that come to mind are complex poses and breathing techniques. And that’s definitely part of it, but there’s a lot more to yoga than that. Not only is yoga a health and fitness activity; yoga is a lifestyle that encompasses philosophy, self-awareness, strength, perseverance, compassion, patience, and love.

Our Prana Warrior membership is more than just yoga. It’s helping you create new habits, meet new people, and bring more peace and joy to your days.

Yoga is not just for the bendy body...

Once you develop a regular practice, you can expect such benefits as:

Why become a Prana Warrior?

The Prana Warriors membership is rooted in community; a place where you are connected to something greater than yourself. It’s an inclusive place to belong, just as you are, and to grow, share, and inspire.

The membership is based on courage, confidence, strength, positivity, inclusiveness, gratitude, grace, playfulness, and joy. It’s about empowerment and being armed with the tools to fight life’s battles. You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, with the Prana Warriors, you’ll always find something to encourage and motivate you!

The Prana Warriors also includes a social component, which means you can take part in challenges, social events, and workshops.

As a bonus, Prana Warriors receive discounts on workshops and retail items too!


Remember, the Prana Warriors are an inclusive community.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never spread your toes on a yoga mat before or you’ve never taken a mat Pilates or barre class. You don’t need to know all the terminology or poses, or have new workout clothing (unless you want to of course). You don’t even need to shower, do your hair, or brush your teeth. This is an at-home, on-the-go wellness program where you are welcome to come as you are.

And it’s online – accessible from anywhere, on any device, wherever and whenever you want! You don’t have to fit in with someone else’s schedule or worry about the weather, the traffic, or the parking. You simply join a live-streamed session or pick one from our library of on-demand yoga, mat Pilates, or fitness classes – one that that meets your needs and at a time that fits your schedule.

Why Prana Warriors?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for breath.

Prana is our life force, our energy. The universe is filled with energy; we are all made of energy; even inanimate objects are made of energy! We are all part of and connected to the whole. And collectively, our lives are an energetic and dynamic combination of body, mind, and spirit.

The inspiration for Warriors is Virabhadra

Virabhadra was a fearless warrior in Hindu mythology from whom the warrior poses in yoga are derived. Vira means hero, while bhadra translates as (among other things) auspicious, happy, friend, The story of Virabhadra is one of going after our dreams, rising up against limiting beliefs, recognizing our emotions, and moving past anger, fear and insecurity to discover our strength, power, passion and love.

our manifesto

We are flexible and resilient. We act to create a strong, stable foundation in our lives. We keep our minds and bodies fit and healthy. In the face of chaos, we calmly focus on the present. We step fearlessly beyond our comfort zone, inviting change and growth. We seek fellowship with like-minded individuals. We celebrate playfulness, creativity, and fun.

What people are saying about Yoga Seven

Brian D.

Yoga Seven Member

I’ve been attending classes regularly at Yoga Seven for years now and can’t imagine a more welcoming, caring community to practice in. The variety of teachers and class types offer something for everyone from the beginner to the advanced yoga enthusiast. Joanne and Ginty have managed to shift this great studio into an outstanding online environment!

Dana B.

Yoga Seven Member

I wanted to join a yoga studio, not a gym that offers yoga classes, because the practice and ethos is very different. I’m glad I did. Because Yoga Seven has amazing instructors, great communication, and a sense of community.

The first studio was really stunning and the staff were very friendly. I had never done hot yoga before so that was pretty novel. The new studio was very intimate and cozy. All the teachers have been great. My greatest discovery was Ralph – a non-typical yoga teacher who made me feel very safe and accepted. I love his wisdom and messages and have taken some with me every day. The best, though, is that he sings to us at the end of the class.

The virtual classes are very flexible and the Zoom process is very seamless. It’s really easy to join a class and in the comfort of my own home, which means these days, I do more yoga! I love that there are such a variety of classes and so many different time slots to choose from (I work full time). I also love that there are a number of different teachers with various levels of challenge.

Lana P.

Yoga Seven Member

Yoga Seven is a place where you can find time for yourself in the midst of all the hectic things. They have superb instructors who provide excellent classes and positive/warm energy. An added bonus is that Yoga Seven provides classes like mat Pilates, meditation, and nutrition workshops, and classes in other disciplines.

It is a truly one-stop place that leads you to a healthy lifestyle while nurturing your mind, body and soul! I am so happy I have found this studio. Thanks, Yoga Seven, for all these years!

Karen V.

Yoga Seven Member

Yoga Seven has been a part of my routine for years, and during these uncertain times we need yoga now more than ever! They have adapted effortlessly to streaming classes and continue to offer a large variety, and I love that they are always adding more! I am not a techy person and amazed at how easy it is to participate in online classes and it gives me the same feeling as being in the studio. It’s like getting a big Yoga Seven hug!

Darlene B.

Yoga Seven Member

I joined Yoga Seven in the fall of 2018 because I wanted to try a new exercise that focused on flexibility and positive energy. I was immediately taken with the positive and friendly atmosphere from the receptionists and all of the instructors. I enjoyed the trial month so much that I continued with the membership and, after two years, am still impressed with how well everyone works together.

I really appreciate the emphasis on practicing at your own level and the fact that the instructors always offer a variety of levels so one can continue to improve and grow. I have noticed that the positions that once were difficult and seemingly out of reach have gotten more comfortable and I have experienced continuous improvement, particularly in my overall flexibility and balance.

Although I looked forward to practicing in the studio, I really enjoy the online experience because of the great instructors and the flexible schedule. The quality of the instructors is the top reason that I enjoy the classes at Yoga Seven: in every class you can see the amount of work they put in to ensure that everyone, no matter what level they are at, has a great experience.

Val O.

Yoga Seven Member

My journey with Yoga Seven started as a gift. A gift to unwind. To be lost. And to change.
Years later, it remains the gift that keeps on giving. The Yoga Seven studio experience was so well crafted: a wide variety of inspirational and experienced teachers. Whimsical, immaculate facilities. Transformational music. And a warm and welcoming community.

The benefits continue with the new virtual studio experience: I am stronger, lighter hearted and more resilient – physically and mentally. I can ground myself with Hatha or Yin. Exert myself with Slow Flow. Or save myself with Restorative. Through good times and dark times, I am better for time on my mat guided to sweet spots by insightful instructions, cheered on to explore the edges of my physicality or simply invited to sit, breathe and see how still I can be. My evolution continues with Yoga Seven as a steady companion through these extraordinary times.
Grateful and present.

Linda v. R.

Yoga Seven Member

When I moved to Clarkson in 2018, I looked for a studio nearby. Yoga Seven was the second one I tried and I loved its friendly atmosphere and skilled, accepting, warm teachers. I am stronger and much more flexible. Thank you so much for your online classes in the present time. I am so grateful to have this supportive practice as I get older – and feel it’s a life-long adventure.

Brandon B.

Yoga Seven Member

I have been practicing at Yoga Seven for about 5 years. It’s natural for me to move around and try different teachers and styles and it’s been such a great place to do that because of very friendly staff, a wide variety of classes and what seems to be their serious priority for high level instructors. All of their teachers are very knowledgeable and wonderful people who genuinely want to help you and get to know you. I usually go there when I feel stressed or need to refocus and I’ve always experienced a lot of support there to work towards that. I’ve always felt accepted and a part of that community. I would definitely recommend Yoga Seven classes to anyone new to yoga who might be a little apprehensive or to more advanced yogis who are looking to go deeper: a wonderful community to be a part of for sure.