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About our memberships

Yoga Seven’s Prana Warriors memberships provide an opportunity for you to connect to something greater than yourself to share, grow, support, and inspire each other. It’s also a way for you to demonstrate your commitment to keeping your own mind and body healthy and whole.

Whether you want to take 4, 8, or unlimited classes in a month, there’s a monthly membership to suit your needs. Membership gives you unlimited access to in-person or live-streamed yoga and fitness classes and the on-demand video library from anywhere, on any device, wherever and whenever you want. You also receive discounts on workshops and special events, as well as on some retail products.

Don’t want in-person classes right now? There’s even a membership for just virtual classes.

Remember, the membership is a welcoming and non-judgmental community

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never placed your toes on a yoga mat before. You don’t need to know all the terminology or poses, or have new workout clothing. You just need to join the class and be. Through regular participation and commitment to your own health and wellbeing, you will experience moments of peace, joy, acceptance, introspection, and gratitude. You’ll also be rewarded with tips and tools to help you navigate life in a richer, more abundant, empowered way.

Why Prana Warriors?

Prana is the Sanskrit word for breath. It’s our life force, our energy. The universe is filled with energy; we are all made of energy, even inanimate objects are made of energy! We are all part of and connected to the whole. And collectively, our lives are an energetic and dynamic combination of body, mind, and spirit.

The inspiration for Warriors is Virabhadra—a fearless warrior in Hindu mythology from whom the warrior poses in yoga are derived. Vira means hero, while bhadra translates as (among other things) auspicious, happy, friend, The story of Virabhadra is one of going after our dreams, rising up against limiting beliefs, recognizing our emotions, and moving past anger, fear and insecurity to discover our strength, power, passion and love.

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