Here’s your checklist of what to bring to yoga!

What you bring and wear depends to some extent on whether you practice yoga in a hot or regular temperature room. Yoga seven has the following available:

  • Straps and blocks in both rooms
  • Blankets and bolsters in the regular temperature room.
  • Mats and towels for rent.
  • Free facecloths
  • Filtered tap water
  • Bottled and coconut water for sale
  • Mats for rent if you don’t have one or have forgotten your own

You will need:

  • A yoga mat. Look for a mat that isn’t too thin (especially if you have sore knees) and that doesn’t slide on the floor. You will also want to find one where your hands and feet don’t slide, especially when they are sweaty if you practice hot yoga.
  • A water bottle.
  • Clothing that is comfortable and allows complete freedom of movement. Bear in mind that if you are doing inversions such as handstand or headstand, you will want a fairly tight-fitting top that won’t ride up! The more closely fitting the clothing, the easier it is for the instructor to check on your alignment. In the regular temperature room, you may want to have an extra layer such as a jacket or sweatshirt and socks so you can stay warm during the final relaxation (Savasana).
  • If you practice hot yoga, bring a towel or two.