Yoga Seven provides a welcoming and calming environment centred on wellness and commitment to quality, and rooted in community. It’s a place where you can grow your physical practice, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your spirits. Yoga Seven’s unique philosophy is inspired by our Seven Fs of Yoga: Foundation, Flexibility, Fitness, Focus, Fearlessness, Friendship, and Fun.

  • Foundation: Any yoga posture begins with intelligent alignment and a firm foundation. Creating a strong foundation is critically important to providing stability and balance in our lives, families, business, and communities.
  • Flexibility: As we challenge our bodies in various postures, yoga teaches us flexibility in the body and the mind. Yoga helps us explore our personal strengths, limits, and imbalances, and also teaches us to be flexible and resilient in dealing with life’s challenges.
  • Fitness: Fitness enhances the length and quality of our life, improving our health and providing a more positive attitude. Yoga revitalizes the body and mind as we breathe and move through the postures.
  • Focus: Yoga allows for quiet time, mindfulness and mediation that enable us to calm the mind, recalibrate, and focus our awareness on the present moment.
  • Fearlessness: Stepping fearlessly beyond our edge of comfort allow us to invite change, growth, and move forward in our lives and yoga practice.
  • Friendship: Yoga Seven is designed to be your yoga home; a supportive community of yogis and like-minded people; a place where you can belong, feel included, and achieve a sense of fellowship and friendship.
  • Fun: Classes are taught with a sense of play, wonder and fun, making every class a chance to discover exactly what the body and soul needs.

Through firm foundation, flexibility, fitness, focus, fearlessness, friendship and fun, seeds of positive change are planted. That vitality radiates out far beyond our mats. Creating healthy bodies and spirits empowers us to make positive contributions to our families, our work, and our communities.