Our hot room is heated to between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius, with humidity at about 30-35%. The regular temperature room is usually around 25 degrees Celsius. The heated room facilitates sweating, but practitioners can easily build up a sweat in the regular temperature room by working hard at the poses and studies have shown that hot yoga does not actually produce any real benefit in terms of health or fitness.

In the end, unless you have high blood pressure or any other medical condition that means you should stay out of the heat, whether you take hot yoga or regular temperature yoga is simply a matter of personal preference.

Our classes are traditional hatha-based with a strong focus on alignment. Hatha is a generic term referring to any type of yoga that teaches physical postures. Some of our teachers also have training in Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga. and will bring elements of that training into their classes.

Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before class so you have time to sign in, change if necessary, and get settled.

Latecomers can be very disruptive to a class, especially if they arrive in the middle of a meditative or focused moment. In addition, if someone starts doing full yoga poses or movements without properly warming up, there is a risk of injury. For this reason, we will not allow entry to a class if someone is more than five minutes late.

Yoga Seven has very limited parking right in front of the building, but plenty of street parking in the near vicinity. Look for space on the side streets off Mississauga Road, in the parking lot beside Gears, and on Mississauga Road south of Lakeshore. But please don’t park in the parking lot behind our building or in the parking lot behind Natty’s Bar—you may get ticketed or towed in either of these places. See the parking map for some suggested places to park.

Yes, at a cost of $2.

A Karma class is one of giving back to the community. The instructor donates his/her time and the participants make a cash donation (recommended $8) to a registered charity of Yoga Seven’s choice.

Most new Yoga Seven clients begin with our introductory offer of 30 days of unlimited yoga for just $30. After that, there are many options ranging from drop-in at $18 to annual contracts for $100 a month. See our pricing for full details.

Most of our classes are designed for all levels, so in theory you could attend any class that isn’t labelled “Intermediate”. But if you’re very new and a little nervous, look particularly for classes labelled “Gentle” or classes that have a restorative element. To find out the mechanics of how everything works, try the FUN-damentals class. It won’t take you long to build up a strong practice if you attend classes regularly. Some teachers are also naturally more gentle than others, so ask for recommendations at reception.

Yoga can be one of the ways to heal your body, but you should always check with your healthcare provider before beginning to exercise, especially if you have a recent injury or surgery. You should also inform the teacher of your specific issue so he/she can make recommendations for adjustments and alternatives during the class. Yoga should not be painful: if it hurts, stop and rest, or mention your pain to the teacher and see if there is something different you can do.

Yes, we have men’s and ladies’ change rooms with showers and lockers. Soap is supplied but you will need to bring your own shampoo and conditioner (ask at Reception if you forget). We also have a supply of hair elastics and bobby pins.

Different teachers like to face different ways, and sometimes one teacher might even switch from a usual position in order to deliver the planned class. We ask our teachers to be at least 15 minutes early to class and expect them to place their mats in their preferred position right away. However, if you’re earlier than the teacher, take a guess! The worst that can happen is you might have to move just as class begins.

You can let your teacher know before class starts that you do not wish to be adjusted, or you can pick up one of our “No Adjustment” cards inside the studios.

Namaste is a Sanskrit word meaning “I honour you”. The teacher normally says it at the end of class, and it’s usual for the class to respond with the same word.