Yoga Seven

Our story

Yoga Seven founders Joanne Heaney and Ginty Burns met when taking classes at a yoga studio in Port Credit, Ontario.

When that studio closed down, both were so convinced that yoga needed to continue for the good of the community, they formed a new business in the same space. Offering hot and regular temperature yoga, aerial yoga, barre, mat Pilates, and many special interest workshops and fun events (nutrition, mala making, vino & vinyasa, meditation, Thai massage, couples yoga to name just a few), Yoga Seven provided a welcoming and non-judgmental oasis for a thriving community of yogis.

An enforced move from the original space to a substantially smaller studio in 2019 did not dampen the spirits of the owners, the teachers, or the dedicated community. In spite of barriers placed in their way by city councils and landlords, Joanne and Ginty continued with their plans to make the studio the best it could possibly be—a place for people to come and bend, stretch, breathe, or just be.
Even the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 did not deter them from their quest as they gave up the bricks and mortar space and embraced the online world to stay connected to their teachers and members, offering live-streamed classes via Zoom and a pre-recorded on-demand library accessible anytime and anywhere.
Throughout their journey,
Joanne and Ginty have learned resilience, focus, flexibility, and determination while still retaining a positive outlook and a sense of fun. In 2014, Joanne developed the 7 Fs of Yoga, which is now used as a framework for getting through life and on which the company’s manifesto is built.   Looking to the future, at Yoga Seven we recognize the need to be strong as well as flexible, and to pay attention to both mental and physical health. We are committed to expanding our range of yoga, meditation, and fitness classes while maintaining our community-focused roots, and will continue to empower our members on their journey of mental and physical health and personal growth.

Our manifesto

We are flexible and resilient. We act to create a strong, stable foundation in our lives. We keep our minds and bodies fit and healthy. In the face of chaos, we calmly focus on the present. We step fearlessly beyond our comfort zone, inviting change and growth. We seek fellowship with like-minded individuals. We celebrate playfulness, creativity, and fun.

Our team

Yoga Seven’s professional teachers are dedicated to their art, whether it be yoga or our variety of fitness (mat Pilates/barre, HIIT) and meditation classes. We do not work to a formula: each teacher has a different background and different training, and will bring their own unique personality and experience to their classes. We believe this is important so each person can find a teacher that connects with them and allows them to get the most out of their bodies and minds.

Whatever your experience level or goals, you can count on their in-depth knowledge, experience and creativity to help foster a place of learning and deeper personal connection.

Amelia Laforge
Angela Nistor
Annalisa Cornacchione
Bob Ryan
Erica Perry
Ginty Burns
Irene Lalonde
Jennifer Moser
Joanne Heaney
Karen Andrew
Katelynn Corman
Katherine Smart
Melissa Wick
Ralph Petermann
Sara Henry
Stephanie DeBou
Ming Manktelow
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Woman in a yoga pose

Our principles

The 7 Fs, created on the back of a napkin in 2014 and embedded in everything we do at Yoga Seven, have proven over and over to be principles that everyone can connect with and apply in their lives:

  1. Foundation. A strong foundation is not just for yoga poses. It is also critical to provide stability and balance in our lives, families, business, and communities.
  2. Flexibility. Through physical movement and exercise we challenge our bodies and minds. This helps us identify our personal strengths, imbalances, and where we need to grow, as well as how to be flexible and resilient in dealing with everything life throws at us.
  3. Fitness. Fitness enhances our quality of life, improves our health, and facilitates a positive attitude.
  4. Focus. Moving mindfully, or sitting quietly and meditating, enables us to calm the mind, recalibrate, and focus our awareness on the present regardless of what may be going on around us.
  5. Fearlessness. Stepping fearlessly beyond our comfort zone in yoga or physical/mental exercise allows us to invite change and growth and move forward in our lives.
  6. Friendship. Yoga Seven fosters a supportive and non-judgmental community of like-minded people: a place where you can belong, feel included, and achieve a sense of fellowship.
  7. Fun. Yoga Seven classes are taught with a sense of play, wonder, and fun, making every class a chance to discover exactly what the body and soul needs.

Awards and recognition

Yoga Seven is very proud and honoured to be recognized by our community:
Mississauga News 2020 Readers’ Choice Platinum Award for Best Yoga Studio
Mississauga News 2019 Readers’ Choice Platinum Award for Best Yoga Studio
Mississauga News 2018 Readers’ Choice Silver Award for Best Yoga Studio
Star of Mississauga South 2017 Professional Service Excellence Award Winner
Mississauga News 2017 Readers’ Choice Gold Award for Best Yoga Studio
Port Credit Business Improvement Association 2017 Good Neighbour Award
Mississauga News 2016 Readers’ Choice Silver Award for Best Yoga Studio
Star of Mississauga South 2016 Rising Star Nominee
Star of Mississauga South 2014 Rising Star Nominee

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